Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mall Tour 2K5

Here's some interesting firsthand scoop from a TVGasm on the Season 2 cast, straight from their Tiffany-esque mall tour of America.

"Okay so, I have scoop on the gunas. They came into RI this weekend and were at the local mall and went bowling wih a group of winners from a local radio station and did a few other things. here is the scoop from a girl I work with that won to be part of the bowling party.

Deiter and Jessica were kissing the whole time.
Deiter was an asshole and didnt talk to anyone.
Alex M got her schedual "mixed up" and didnt even come.
Roz [Alex H.] just sat there and didnt really talk to anyone.
Trey was really funny and cool.
Jesica was the most fun hugging everyone and talking to everyone. She said that
most of the time when they are on the phone (like when Jason called her to break up) they are really talking to the producers and are being told what to say and that alot of the situations they are put in are fake.

My friend has pictures coming to I"ll post them when she gets them back."

You know, I always wondered about those phone conversations...


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