Wednesday, September 13, 2006

J-Wahl Arrested

According to Kristin at E! Online, Jason (LC's ex-boyfriend, and costar of The Hills) was arrested on September 1st in New York City for a variety of offenses:

"This one is pretty sad. A rep at the NYPD confirms that Jason Wahler (Lauren's ex, who appeared on Laguna Beach and The Hills) was arrested in New York City on Sept. 1, at 4:34 a.m. He was charged with three counts of bribery, criminal possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. So, if you're wondering how he took that breakup with Lauren, well, you may have your answer."

She goes on to say:

"Korbi is in tight with the LB peeps, and she tells me that since breaking up with LC, Jason's been living with a couple of different friends and is now allegedly living on Jordan and Brian's couch. Andy Milonakis still lives with them, too."

Now, I'm not one to gossip or speculate, but reading between the lines, it seems like Jason was caught with drugs and tried to bribe a police officer not to arrest him. When the bribery failed, looks like Mr. Wahler resisted arrest. My guess as to the "controlled substance"? Cocaine. Other blogs have hinted at it, and it's public knowledge that Jason was in rehab for Season 1 of Laguna Beach for drinking and drugs. Plus, what pothead resists arrest? Of course, as any lawyer will tell you, I'm just speculating.

Picture (taken the night of his arrest) courtesy of

Update-- TMZ is now reporting the details of Wahler's arrest:

"According to the court documents, Wahler was obstructing traffic by standing in the street and creating a public disturbance. Officers then attempted to handcuff the 19-year-old, but he resisted. After being taken to the precinct, police found cocaine in Wahler's left front pants pocket. Adding insult to injury, Wahler repeatedly attempted to offer money to the officer in exchange for his release.Wahler is due back in court on December 11."

Friday, September 01, 2006

Drama In The LC...

The New York Daily News reported the following this morning in the Rush and Molloy column:

"We love dishing about celebrity drama, but even we don't like getting caught in the middle. Our Jo Piazza got clawed by a real-life "Laguna Beach"-"The Hills" catfight at the Oakley party at Snitch Wednesday night. "Laguna" bad boy Jason Wahler kept bumping into her while he was getting to second base with a bottle blond on the back of a banquette.

When his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Lauren (LC) Conrad, walked into the party, he hastily extricated himself and landed practically in Jo's lap. LC started squealing to her pal Heidi Montag and then sent a rep from MTV to ask if
Piazza was "with" Jason. She was then ordered to "get away from him."

LC soon stormed out with her posse to another party at Tenjune.

But that wasn't it for Jason, who sloppily continued his hookup and then offered a stranger $5 for two cigarettes. Turned down, he then asked to borrow $2 so he could buy his own pack. MTV needs to start giving these kids some kickbacks."

And the moral of the story? Jason = Gross. And I've got concerns over just how permanent this breakup actually is...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Laguna Beach: Summer of Stupid

Laguna Beach: Summer of Stupid. This summer, evil doesn't have a clue...

What happens when the creators of "Must Love Jaws" and "Ten Things I Hate About Commandments" give Laguna clips the voiceover/re-edit treatment and create a horror movie trailer? Straight up hilariousness-- if you thought that MTV had expert editors, think again!

Check it out

Snap Judgments

First impressions are usually a good barometer of how things might go in the long run, so in keeping with the snotty, bitchy (and fabulous!) tone of last night's season premiere of LB, here are some snap judgments on Season 3.

Tessa: Meh. The New York Times had it right when they said: "That narrator in the third season of 'Laguna Beach' is like, so lame." The author continues and says: "Tessa Keller simply introduces too much reality to the otherworldly fantasy of perpetual sunshine that has driven the show so far. Besides, she’s boring. Sure, sometimes, as in movies and novels, unpopular girls are secretly noble, sophisticated and brilliant, but sometimes — we have to admit — they’re just uncool. "

Kyndra: Love. Her. But at the same time (despite being almost a full decade older than her), she scares me a little. I can't wait to see her scheming and plotting-- which I think will put Kristin's machinations to shame.

Cami: As my boyfriend said, "classic sidekick". I don't think she'll be the Alex H. of the season, because really any girl who went with Jason to prom has to be interesting, but I'm interested to see her play Princess Bee to Kyndra's Queen Bee.

Cameron: Has VERY white teeth. And I think that's it.

Jessica: Ohhh, Jessica. Have you learned nothing? I cringed watching her date with Cameron. It's the FIRST DATE, Jess! Don't talk about feelings or commitment or your exes! Talk about cute, flirty things. FYI: emotional abuse is NOT cute and flirty. Sigh.

Season 2 Girls: Love, love, loved seeing them be catty about Jason and Lauren and Kristin. Think they'll drop in once in awhile to impart some old-school wisdom on the youngsters? Or even to just illuminate us on what happened with Alex H. and Kristin?

Also, when Alex M. walked into dinner singing "L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E", did anyone else have flashbacks of her walking into the beauty parlor last season singing "This s**t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S"...Or was that just me?

So, hot stuffs, tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll keep posting all of the new information that's out there today, K?

Oops! Totally forgot Breanna...but I guess that kind of says it all, eh?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bolthouse Productions-- Hottest College Job Ever

Even if you can't get into any of Brent Bolthouse's clubs or parties (like Hyde, Privilege, Lobby and LAX)-- and really, how many of us really can?-- you can take a tour of the Bolthouse Productions offices, seen on The Hills.

MTV Overdrive offers a tour, given by the lovely Heidi Montag...Jealous much? I know I am.

Season Three Overload

Teen People has gone LB-Crazy! They've put up an entire site of Laguna-related materials, including cast interviews, "where are they now?" updates, quizzes and Season 3 video previews. If MTV hasn't been teasing you enough, check out the site and let me know how you do on the quiz, how much weight you think the stars of past seasons have gained, and what you think (honestly!) of Talan's new song "Laguna Beeyotch".

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Season Update-- Tessa Keller

The New York Daily News has an article about the heir apparent to the Laguna Beach narrator's throne once occupied by LC and Kristin. This year's narrator is Tessa Keller, a 17-year-0ld junior.

In addition to her new job as Laguna Beach narrator, Tessa is a model for surfwear companies Hurley and Lucy Love-- and she designs her own clothes. No word yet on this season's drama, but I'll have updates as soon as they come across the wires!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Plot Thickens

Looks like Lauren is the only one looking out for Jason's privacy. Yesterday, the New York Post reported the following:

""He went psycho," an insider told The Post.

Building staff at the apartment complex where Conrad lives have been informed that she and roommate Heidi Montag are moving out, according to sources close to the production.

Already the locks on her apartment have been changed, and the building's staff is under strict orders to physically remove Jason if he tries to get in. "

Innnnteresting. While allegations of abuse are nothing to joke or laugh about, or even mention casually, the description of Jason as "psycho" may lend some credence to the rumors that Jason may have had some physical altercations with Alex M. and Jessica last season.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Times Tuesday!

Courtesy of my new favorite reader Eve, comes the most magical news a girl could hope for.

Jason and LC have called it quits. Officially. Sadly, it didn’t happen before she got the opportunity to head to Paris, but I guess I can’t be greedy.

Check out the blog at US Weekly here for the news. AND the unexpected tidbit that LC had a tattoo of Jason’s name, which is now covered up. Oh, and that K-Cav and Brody Jenner broke up.

We'll Always Have Paris

Looks like French Vogue wasn't supposed to be Lauren's only summer internship option. The Daily had this bit of news:

"Lauren Conrad may have landed a dream job interning at Teen Vogue, but that success evidently did not translate overseas. Teen Vogue editors and producers for the MTV reality series, The Hills, are said to have approached Louis Vuitton—which recently began advertising with the magazine this year—with the idea of having Conrad end the season having scored an internship at the French fashion house’s headquarters in Paris. According to sources, Louis Vuitton wasn’t so keen on the idea and politely declined. An MTV spokeswoman could not be reached for comment. Guess there is reality in television after all."

Catching Up With Trey and Lo

Looks like I'm not the only one who wonders about the Season 1 cast of LB... Paper Magazine's blog recently tracked down Trey and Lo, and offered some interesting news. Here's what they say:
  • In 2005, the Bard College Rugby Football Club awarded him the "Freshman of the Year" award.
  • Quite the sporty one, Trey was also a member of the 2005-2006 Bard squash team.
  • Last year Trey was quoted in a USA Today story about the iPod Shuffle: "It's great," said Trey Phillips, 18, a Bard student from Los Angeles. "If you're going for a run, it's perfect because it's so small and light."
  • He has a website,, where he sells hats, sunglasses and muses about the youth movement: "By unifying the youth, we give the long-term future a voice. And by creating a culture of unity now, we lay the groundwork for our children to voice the long-term interest as well. If we want to protect the future forever, we must pass down the tools necessary to protect the future, from one generation to another." You can check out some neat photos of Trey protesting in the "culture" section of his website. Check out the photo of Trey modeling his sunglasses.
  • He has a MySpace page, but it's private. Boo!
Also, check out these pictures of Lo, her friend Zack and his boyfriend Colton from Trent...Can I just state for the record how jealous I am of her haircolor? Done and done, hot stuffs.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's Back!

...Or at least, it will be-- soon! MTV has announced the airdate-- August 16-- for the new season of LB, and has started to post goodies about the cast on their site. Updates to come soon!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Awful Truth

Quick K-Cav sighting, hot stuffs...from my favorite gossip columnist Ted Casablanca, over at E! Online:

Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari, all cute and couple-esque. Lobby. Friday night. The tight twosome alternated between sittin' at their VIP table and dancin' with the rest of the clubgoers to '80s hits.

Hills Spoiler?

So, it should be a surprise to NO ONE that LC and Jason are together these days. Like, seriously together. All of that "will they or won't they?" and "do you miss him?" talk on The Hills trailers appears to be just that-- talk. Need proof? Check out these pictures from the MTV Movie Awards.

And please discuss just how greasy Jason looks. Ick. And how tiny is Heidi? I knew she was small, but the girl looks teensy in this picture...and I've given up my dream of us becoming BFF and borrowing her brown dress from the Teen Vogue party. Damn.

Pictures courtesy of Mollygood.

Inside Hills Gossip

From Fashion Week Daily* comes this little bit of LC from LB gossip...

The Hills Are Alive... Laguna Beach, Teen Vogue, and some fab fash players Tuesday, May 30, 2006
(NEW YORK) Last season, Laguna Beach addicts caught their first glimpse of The Hills, which follows former Laguna girl Lauren Collins (aka L.C.) to her new home in LA. Fans quickly learned that Lauren landed a Teen Vogue internship, threw herself into the L.A. fashion scene, and even met Anna Wintour at a fall show.
With the program’s debut set for tomorrow, The Daily learned a little more through another featured player—Kelly Cutrone, who directed Lauren during Jennifer Nicholson’s show at L.A. Fashion Week.
“That girl was so funny,” shared Kelly. “She had to do a very simple task: come backstage at the show and get tickets for her editor. It’s not that hard but she had a lot of trouble. She stood around backstage for at least a half hour before she figured out what to do. She didn’t really have the sense of how to do things: she wanted stuff to fall on top of her and into her lap. In her position as an intern, she really needed to make things happen.”
Meanwhile, MTV committed a fashion faux-pas at the show: asking for a front row seat for their star. “I was like, absolutely not,” said Kelly. “If she’s an intern, she’s not going to sit in the front row. I don’t care that she’s on MTV. She can stand in the back as an intern.” That may change next season, when Lauren goes from intern to TV star (and this month’s Teen Vogue cover girl).
As for her future in the fashion industry, “I don’t know how she’ll do,” says Kelly. “I mean, I wouldn’t hire her, but she could grow. Everyone makes mistakes their first time.”


*If you're not reading The Daily, you should be. Trust me.

...And The Reviews Are In!

First, this one from the New York Post:

May 30, 2006 -- AS a grown-up, I'd like to put myself in the shoes of the insanely spoiled girls who are featured on MTV's newest reality show, "The Hills."
But frankly, I can't afford it. The shoes, I mean.
In what has become surreally unreal, what we've got here is a spin-off of another "reality" show which is a takeoff of a drama. It used to be that life imitated art, now life (or whatever the heck you call this) is imitating itself after it has imitated art. Get it? Got it? Good - because I certainly don't.
At any rate, "The Hills" is a spinoff of MTV's immensely popular "Laguna Beach," a "reality" show from which Lauren Conrad, a then-high schooler (who looks 30), emerged as the star.
Now Lauren gets to star in her own life, beginning with her arrival in Lost Angeles (not a typo) to attend fashion school. Omigod!
Right off, she and her new roommate - another big looker in a bikini - survey their new apartment. No dorms for these babes. Just because they're freshmen doesn't mean they have to live like it!
Before Lauren even goes to her first day of class, she gets an interview to be an intern at Teen Vogue. Right. This is about as real as Faye Dunaway's latest face.
She meets with the West Coast editor, Lisa Love (I swear!), who says, in all seriousness, "Why Teen Vogue?" Omigod! Why naut? It's, like, so cool!
Within what seems like minutes after the interview, Lisa Love's assistant calls back to say that to work at Teen Vogue as an intern, "You need a lot of experience writing [Lauren doesn't have it], and in fashion [well, she shops a lot] . . . but Lisa really liked you and wants to offer you an internship!" Omigod!
Lauren's first task is to work a huge party and guard the V.I.P. section. Instead she let's her spoiled, shallow rich friends into the party and they sit all over the V.I.P. seats. Lisa Love isn't happy. But instead of firing her butt on the spot, she says somewhat menacingly, "I'll see you on Monday!"
If it were real life instead of reality TV, a large man with a wire in his ear would have helped them all find the door.
It's a good thing reality TV has nothing to do with real life.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here We Go Again...

I'll have my review of The Hills up soon-- after I get the chance to re-watch and digest it a little more. For now, my main thought is-- I LOVE Heidi's brown dress from the Teen Vogue party, and I wonder where she got it. My second thought? Nice apartment. Third thought? It must be terrible (or at the very least, stressful) to have the college interview from Hell televised on MTV.

Anyway, darlings...I'm back, the blog is back, and I'll have new posts for you daily. Hot, no?