Wednesday, November 30, 2005

SUPERHOT Almost Firsthand LB Gossip!

My new favorite blogger Bricks and Stones, whose link you can find to your right, tipped me off to this fabulous opus of LB Gossip. It's so juicy I can't paraphrase, and I'm just doing a big ol' copy and paste. Oh, and if anything is defamatory, libelous or slanderous, just add a big ol' ALLEGEDLY in front of it. Ready? Put on your water wings and dive on in.

"I went to lunch yesterday with my sister and her friend Miss K. Miss K. happens to work for Oprah. The other day, she was in the Harpo studios cafeteria getting breakfast, when lo and behold, there they were - Kristin, Jessica, Alex H. Alex M. and Taylor. Turns out they went to school with one of Harpo's marketing assistants and were there as her guests for the show. Miss K is a huge fan and was freaking out a bit (and she doesn't even freak out over celebrities!) and the marketing director said she would have the Laguna Beach girls stop by her office before they left." Source: Unknown

So, there they were, the LB girls and Miss K which gave Miss K a chance to ask some pressing is the scoop:

Jessica is not very smart (duh!) nor very pretty in person. She is in community college and not doing a whole lot. Miss K. asked her if her parents were mortified by her behavior - she said they weren't exactly pleased. She just used Jeff (boy that was at end of season) didn't really like him, just wanted someone to make out with.

Stephen and Jason are good friends and live together in LA, but Jason is always at L.C's. Turns out he and LC never broke up and are still dating.

• Also, turns out Jason has some MAJOR issues - the reason he didn't go to graduation.......he didn't graduate. He failed his senior year. Ditto for Talan.

• More on Jason - he has been in and out of rehab about 3 times in the past year. He is also bipolar and is on some major medication. His grandparents are the wealthy ones and his parents don't really work -just live off of the grandparents.

• More on Talan - his mom used to be some actress so is pretty well-connected in Hollywood. The engagement to Kimberly Stewart is just a publicity stunt - they aren't really engaged. His mom is trying to coach him on getting himself into the limelight.

Stephen and Kristin are dating - they just got back from a vacation together in Hawaii - she's not really dating that Jenner guy - another publicity stunt. Kristin is trying to "make it" in Hollywood.

Taylor is at school at the University of Arizona.

Alex H. and Alex M. are roommates. Alex M. is trying to make it in the music world and Alex H. dates a guy in Alex M.'s backup band.

• Another tidbit - Jason used to hit (ie, abuse) Alex M. when they dated. Per Alex M., the reason you didn't see that in the show is b/c MTV was trying to sell a fantasy. That is also why you don't see Alex M. and Jason actually break up.

LC is supposedly the meanest person of the bunch - they say she is the least approachable.

• Another thing, is apparently MTV and BMW have some sort of deal, which is why you always see them driving around in BMWs - ie, Kristin's dad didn't really buy her the BMW - she got it from MTV.

Hot and hotter. Discuss, hot stuffs.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger hot lips said...

Yeah, but which one lives in a trailer?

At 1:03 PM, Blogger christina said...

Jeff B (the one Jessica used).

At 1:12 PM, Blogger HollywoodSupastar said...

wow, thats really messed up. Jason's a woman beater. He might beat LC. But its a shame that only two of them are actually going to school. Are Alex H&M going to school or are they just housemates?

I love these slackers.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Dan said...

I love how Alex M totally has the head-slightly-askew smile shot down ala Paris Hilton. She does this in the LB intro credits and in the photo associated with this post.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Megan said...

Ho. Lee. Shit.

This is the best information I've received in a long time.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

If anyone has MySpace, you can see from Taylor and Jason's profiles that they are dating now and have been for a couple of weeks. (taylor) (jason)

You can tell that these are the REAL Taylor and Jason based on the comments on the other cast members have left them from their friends only profiles.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

the taylor and jason dating thing--
i doubt it

i think both of those profiles are made by the same person or 2 people who know each other..

At 8:13 PM, Blogger kim said...

I heard that same story, but that it was TOTALLY a lie! Give me a break who would be so DUMB to give up that much detail about the Laguna Beach crew! I would hope harpo would have better stories.

At 4:04 AM, Blogger LBOCD said...

MTV screwed up... Forget "The Hills" & LC, ... JASON is the one they should build a show around! He used to live with slacker Millionare Parents in a small shack in Laguna, now LA.... He has been in REHAB 3 times. although he obviously still smokes, drinks & uses drugs. He beats "Chicks". He has BIPOLAR disorder, and he is willing to be filmed!!!!! He is also Young, Good-Looking & a Total Player'! J-Wahl is the one that needs his own show.

At 2:18 AM, Blogger shhh... said...

Hmm, I know for a fact that not all of these things are 100% true. The BMW Kristin got from her dad was actually a gift, Kristin even gave her dad some of her own money for the car. Alex H's boy isn't in Alex M's band, he's in a band called Tactic or something. Anyways, that's what a little birdie told me...

PS: Tay, Jason, Stephen and LC do NOT have a mySpace account!

At 10:40 PM, Blogger missLBgossip said...

as for myspace, they do have it "shhh..."!
"Rachel" sorry to say. Your sites were wrong.

They are pretty much the only ones I MYSELF concern with from the show. Although, if you like to follow up on other cast members, you can branch off from there. Most are in their top 8's. But Kristin does NOT have a myspace. Do not look for her. She told People Magazine she did not have one. And for random people to "stop asking for my space!"

AND yes Jason and LC are dating. LC had an interview with a magazine where she stated that she made Jason watch the show 10 times. He was upset and that showed her how sorry he really was.

Aswell, according to Stephen's page, if you visit the address I typed above, he is dating Hayden Pietierre.



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